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Time and again we have seen the typical maid come alive on our screens. The quintessential Marathi/Gujrati maid, who either is too orthodox, or too forward-thinking. So forward-thinking that she would be caught dropping her pallu at the drop of a hat! Even though we were literally itching to tell the thousands of maid stories that we have experienced, the biggest challenge was to break away from the stereotype and yet be real. Along came Shubhangi Litoria, (the actress who portrays Baby so well that we actually get mails asking if she is a real maid, hats off to her!) along with her Bundelkhandi tongue, and floored Founder/Creator Mohit Hussein with the ease with which she wore the garb of this character.




We continued to create stories with her and although it was unplanned, the popularity that these videos received implored us to start a full blown web-series called Maid-in-Heaven. And after a short hiatus, we are back with Baby and her antics on the eve of this Diwali with the episode Diwali Ki Safai.

Each one of us cleans our houses on Diwali but can you imagine getting stuck with a help who is the epitome of laziness and excuses? Well, don’t imagine, just watch your dreams.. ahem.. should I say, nightmares, come true in this episode! Watch it, do share it, and tell us your very own maid woes in the comments!

 SIT presents DIWALI KI SAFAI in association with URBAN CLAP

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  1. Very nice video diwali ki safai. May i know whee to find the winners of this episode?