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DOLLY KI SHAADI – Part 2              

The way an Indian mother feels the pressure of a daughter not getting married is incomparable to that of anyone else's! As if her whole world comes to a standstill till she makes sure that the daughter is out and "settled". And "settled", mind you, does not mean anything close to what the English dictionary suggests! After seeing what Lovely Bua goes through, rather what she makes everybody else go through, in Dolly Ki Shaadi-part 1, we're all geared up to take you through a fun ride of this journey continuing. Watch how Dolly gets caught with a foot in her mouth, and if the man of her dreams is indeed the man of her dreams or merely a living nightmare! We don't claim to tell you any story unheard, but surely assure you a front row show to the drama that such a situation can lead to! So hold tight, sit tight for the culmination! 

SIT Presents Dolly Ki Shaadi - Part 2


Published by Chhavi Mittal