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If you are a husband, you would know that your wife has strange ways of showing her love towards you. Sometimes it's straightforward (more often than not), sometimes it's soft (who are you kidding!), sometimes stern and disciplinarian (that's more like it), and sometimes it's just out of the box (more like always!). But my personal favourite is when a wife tries to control the husband's diet all because she is way too concerned about him! Maybe about the increasing paunch, maybe the decreasing stamina, maybe the increasing cholesterol levels, or maybe the decreasing D3. The reason could be any, but the wife definitely becomes a ninja when it comes to protecting the husband's health.
Some such hilarity ensues between Rishi & Rohini when Rishi's cholesterol, uric acid, triglyceride levels are "high" as per Rohini and "within permissible limits" as per Rishi. Now, don't we all know who wins when there is a difference of opinion between a husband & a wife? Always the wife! And thus goes Rohini controlling Rishi's diet and hell bent upon correcting his rising levels.
This one was particularly fun while shooting and I hope that reflects in the final outcome as well! You be the judge of that and watch THE BETTER HALF – BIWI KE DIET PLANS!

Published by Chhavi Mittal