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Before I say anything, I want to say a big THANK YOU for the AMAZING response that you gave to DOLLY KI SHAADI! We were bombarded with messages/e-mails/comments asking us where the next part is, and to be honest, this was just supposed to be a 2 part series. However, since we take your feedback VERY seriously, we decided to bring an extension and show you what happened next, and in that endeavour, DOLLY KI SHAADI actually became the longest Web-Series on SIT  so far! Woo hoo! For those who missed the fun so far, click to watch DOLLY KI SHAADI-1 & DOLLY KI SHAADI-2.


But the process of creating DOLLY KI SHAADI was really one of the most difficult! To begin with, we had NO TIME since we wanted to do this in December! The casting was really tough since at such a short notice, working out all actor dates together was a big challenge. We struggled with the budgets since our planning of 2 extra episodes got stretched and everything went haywire! And this was the time to take a stand.
So Mohit Hussein & myself, we decided, aar ya paar. Now that we are mid-sea, we will sail through. If there is anything we have learnt in our process of creating videos for SIT, it is that something that is driven by passion, HAS to come through! So we took the dive and started the journey. I stayed awake nights to pen down the whole dialogue script, while nudging the dozing off Mohit to discuss wherever I got stuck. Simultaneously we started calling actors, and one after the other, things started falling into place. 

I think this was the FASTEST we have ever put together such a marathon shoot! Before we knew it, DOLLY KI SHAADI was ready! Here's THE MAKING & THE TEASER and we really hope you like it! Do leave a comment & look out for the next episode!

Love & peace from us to you!

SIT presents DOLLY KI SHAADI- The Making & Teaser


Published by Chhavi Mittal