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The Story Behind Jab Mohit & I got married!

As it happens, Mohit Hussein and I met the clichéd way for an actor or director to meet their respective beaus. On sets. But that's a story for another day. What's extremely non-cliché is the way we got married! Him being a Muslim and I being a Hindu, was a problem, but an even bigger problem was.. well.. like any other doted on daughter of the family, I was also too protected, and when my father met Mohit, he decided that he will grind him all the way to Sunday and if he endures all arrows thrown at him, then he derserves me!

The first scene of DOLLY KI SHAADI – S1 E3 is a recreation of what actually happened in a private meeting between my dad and Mohit. He counted various reasons (ridiculous, lame reasons) why Mohit should not marry me! "Her health is too bad", "she cannot cook", "she's an actress, don't trust her!".

And the list goes on.. Dear Mohit quietly heard him out (he went on for close to an hour!) while making mental notes of each of the points he mentioned (there were many!) and when he was finally finished, Mohit went over each and every point and gave him his persepective of why that was not a good enough reason! The meeting must have lasted a little under 2 hours, but after the soliloquies from both ends finished, my dad passed his verdict with this final statement, "Is there a good place for dinner around?"

So this was how the ice was broken with my dad, and this was his way of welcoming Mohit into the family. My mother, on the other, had her own agenda! Once again, a slightly over-the-top recreation of that is reflecting in the same scene, where Lovely Bua (Meenakshi Sethi) meets Saurabh (Anuj Rampal) for the first time. I remember my mother being nervous in the kitchen, and Mohit being nervous in the hall, while I was thoroughly enjoying their worried expressions when they both were asking me in their respective hiding places in hushed tones "Kya baat karoon main?". Mom was warm towards Mohit and had no problems with him as long as "kundali mil jaye". And what Rishi (Sukant Goel) says is exactly what Mohit had said at that time to me. "If the kundali doesn't match, I will change the time of birth and make sure it does because I want to marry you at any cost!" Well THANK GOD the horoscopes matched and that too with 32 points, and we are the living proof of no jhol there! 

DOLLY KI SHAADI is especially close to our hearts since it has the remnants of the beginning of an era in mine and Mohit's life. Some anecdotes, some humour, some life, that has been borrowed from our own lives. Have fun watching and don't forget to leave us a comment telling us your thoughts! Until next week,

Love & Peace from us to you!

SIT presents DOLLY KI SHAADI – S1 E3



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