Published on 29 Dec 2017 | Views 28214

Wedding preps ke side effects!

If you would have attended Indian weddings in the last few years, you would know that the various events leading up to the wedding are bigger than the wedding itself. First there is the never ending trousseau shopping and now the latest addition to weddings the pre-wedding photo and video shoots. Our dear Dolly's wedding is no different either. Dolly may be a modern, forward thinking girl but there are times you get trapped as a bride into doing things which you perhaps thought you will never do. 

You may not be party to dancing around trees or striking weird poses during the pre-wedding shoot, but gosh, what does one do? Go with the flow or put your foot down and say this is not what I want to do? You may want to laugh at the situation at a later date but in the moment you are only wondering, yeh kahan aa gayi mein? Am I seriously doing these Bollywood dance steps and trying to serenade my partner? Why the hell am I running behind pillars and hiding from my man when I know I am eventually marrying him? So many questions, most of them going unanswered. 

Dolly is sure thrilled to get married, she is extremely happy that the love of her life is who she will spend the rest of her life with, but she forgot to consider that shaadi has its side effects too. This episode was particularly fun shooting because of what all Dolly had to go through (although actor Avantika Ganguly lived her Bollywood fantasies!). Hope you have as much fun watching it as we had bringing it to you. 



Published by Priyanka Pereira