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Dolly Ki Shaadi.. Will she, won’t she?

Welcome to the final blog of Dolly Ki Shaadi-S1! I already talked about the shooting and the pre-shooting process in my previous blogs. But the marathon of Dolly Ki Shaadi did not end just with that! The editing process was no less tricky! 

To begin with, Mohit Hussein, the Mai baap who is the decision maker in the entire step-by-step process of the making of a content piece, was just not finding time to sit for the edit! The editors were waiting, I was waiting (impatiently if I may add), the marketing was on hold, the promotions were on hold, and to top it all, Mohit & I had planned a much deserved vacation and we had to take off on the 20th of December! The vacation bookings were in place, but the episodes that had to go out while we were away, no sir, they were far from ready! And if there's one thing that I love & hate about Mohit at the same time, it's his perfectionism when it comes to the final product. He is ruthless on the edit table, almost as if it is someone else's work he is chopping off and throwing way in the bin! And to my horror, when Dolly Ki Shaadi-S1 E3 was finally ready from his side (after which my work begins) and I took a sigh of relief, he dropped a bomb on me saying that I want to re-shoot a scene from Dolly Ki Shaadi-S1 E4!! 

Can you imagine that? Fresh day of shoot, when we are already running behind schedule! The pre-prod, actor dates, make-up, hair, this that and the other! But I have learnt from experience that when he says something, it's usually the final word, so there is no point in actually trying to convince him otherwise at all. He is practically the most CLEAR-HEADED person I have known! So just when I thought the work is finally finishing, there I was, planning it all over again! If you have watched Dolly Ki Shaadi-S1 E4, the scene between Saurabh (Anuj Rampal) and Surbhi (Manasi Rachh) was re-shot.
And as greed would have it, we also ended up shooting a few more additional scenes! 
"ab unit laga hi rahe hain toh ek-adha aur kar lete hain".(Now that we calling a unit, we may as well shoot an extra scene here & there)
Well, like I always believe, there are no free lunches in the world, and only those who sow shall reap the benefits. So here's Dolly Ki Shaadi-S1 Finale , watch it and leave us a comment to tell us if we sowed well!
And also tell me what would you like to read about in our blogs!
SIT presents DOLLY KI SHAADI S1 E6 - Finale

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  1. hello SIT team i want that original song from dolly ki shaadi last episode. please make it available on your website to download. hope you'll listen