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What happens when your wife’s “prediction” comes true!

Women can often foresee the future. I mean it! We just know how the sequence of events is going to turn out! And we often warn our husbands whenever we see something unpleasant happening. In fact I firmly believe that that's one of the primary reasons why men and women complete each other. That's how nature's balance also ought to be maintained! Wife predicts, she instructs, husband follows, happy married life. But sadly this is not always the case. 
That's because most of the times what women predict is not the future, but their assumption of the future. Hence, many-a-times a husband and wife will argue over things that may or may not happen in the near or far future and hence spoil their present!
In a funny turn of events, Meera (Pooja Gor) predicts that a certain friend, to be precise a certain "freeloader" friend is going to land up at their private party tagged along by his freeloader friends! And this will lead to the food and drink estimate going haywire. Due to this farfetched assumption, or what she insists on calling, prediction, she tells Abhimanyu (Pracheen Chauhan) to call the friend and ask him to not do that. But of course it is embarrassing for a man to make such a preposterous assumption and ask an invited guest to not bring his friends in case he is planning to!
Does the friend land up? Does he come with his friends? Alone? Maybe he doesn't come at all! And what happens with respect to the so called "prediction" at the moment of truth. Get an answer to all these questions in the new episode of Pyar Ka Punch - THE PREDICTION now streaming on SIT. What I must warn you is that this episode is outrageously hilarious, entertaining and one and all couples will relate to this! But yes, try this at you own risk ;) 


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