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A new year, a new beginning! Season-1 of THE BETTER HALF was hugely appreciated and it had its own share of criticism from some ardent fans. While we had an absolutely amazing time filming those episodes, it was time for a revamped new look, not just to the series but also to the content! SIT has seen a huge rise in the female fan following in the last few months (thank you ladies!) and in lieu of that, we decided to tweak the programming a trifle and bring that ever-green romance in a husband wife relationship. And in came Karan V Grover!

To be honest, we met Karan for a completely different web-series, but loved his energy so much that we just HAD to associate with him for longer and not just a few days! Since TBH season 2 was anyway being planned, we jumped at the opportunity and said, "why not!"

A breath of fresh air thrown in with a wisp of romance, a glide of ease and a dose of effervescence and voila! A brand new look & feel! We all are really excited about The Better Half-Season 2 & KG joining the team and we hope you will love him too! {His antics and charm are anyway too hard to resist for too long ;)}

About the new episode? Well.. women are often worried about what is going to happen in the future, near or far. They are in fact so worried that they forget to enjoy the now, which was the future sometime in the past! Maybe because what is now the present was already contemplated as a future that needs to be worried about in the past! Confused? Well.. isn't it just like a wife? Watch Rishi get baffled by Rohini's assumptions of the future in inexplicable ways in the launch of Season 2 of The Better Half!

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