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Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovely couples out there! Personally I feel Valentine's Day is a convenient way of avoiding the love through the year by just showering all of it on this one day. But mostly, all the couples around the globe feel that Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the love that they so deeply feel for each other. Well, if you are a young freshly-in-love couple, sure enough! But once you are married and have celebrated so many different things in life together, I think celebrating or not celebrating St.Valentine's birthday just doesn't mean so much.


However we just can't deny the love in the air, and sometimes, days like these do help rekindling the love, and breaking away from the monotony of the daily routine for a couple who has been in a relationship for a long, long time. Having said that, Valentine's Day does put a lot of pressure on a man to make this day count and to make his lady feel extra special. If you are a man, you know what I mean ;) Sometimes the pressure is so intense, that you almost have to choose between everything else and the love of your life! Work, parents, responsibilities, riots, revolutions, tsunamis.. everything else can wait, but those roses and them gifts better reach your beloved fast! Otherwise you will hear no end of it for the rest of the year and then some! Phew!

It's a bit of an exaggeration, but do you really want to take that kind of pressure just for a woman? That too your wife!?? I don't know too many husbands who will say "no", inspite of all the odds. Because let's face it, jokes or no jokes, most husbands & wives make cute couples BECAUSE of all those crazy antics, the nok-jhonk, the altercations, the blame-games.
Watch how Rishi dodges a bullet this Valentine's Day when he gets unexpectedly stuck at work. Can you imagine what he went through with a lady boss at work, and a lady boss at home?! Well don't guess, just watch!
Karan V Grover as Rishi and Me (Chhavi Mittal) as Rohini, brought together as a couple by my handsome husband & the creator (in that order) Mohit Hussein

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