Published on 28 Feb 2018 | Views 14560

Holi Ya Goli

When MANISH PAUL and Shitty Ideas Trending come together, what happens is nothing short of being magical! Throw in the charming MANJARI FADNIS and voila! You have yourself a recipe for entertainment. That's exactly what we thought when the opportunity to create a video integrating their upcoming film BaaBaaa Black Sheep presented itself! Holi was around the corner and we thought, why not!

A colorful festival like Holi, demanded a colorful script. Thankfully the characters that Manish & Manjari play in the film are colorful enough and developing a story around these characters was challenging and interesting at the same time. How do you fit a contract killer into SIT's family world!

Well, that's something that Mohit Hussein is expert at! ;) . Baba (Manish Paul) and Angelina (Manjari Fadnis) have a friend over, Jonny Fixer (Aakash Dabhale) who ends up calling Angelina "uptight" because she says she does not want to play Holi. Calling a girl "uptight" in her own house is not the best idea now, is it? Angelina takes it upon herself to prove Jonny wrong and in that endeavor decides to not just play Holi, but play it full on gangster style!

Do you want to know how and what happens next? Watch this crazy, hilarious, outrageous, ridiculous start to end laugh riot presented by SIT!

HOLI YA GOLI!! (Dhishkyaooooooooon)

Published by Chhavi Mittal (Co-Founder)