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The last week has been so eventful for Team SIT. To begin with, we have been going crazy finishing the patchwork for BIN BULAYE MEHMAAN-S2. Apart from that, the highlight of the week was the IWM Digital Awards where SIT had a massive role to play! We did our first stage act of the popular series MAID IN HEAVEN where Shubhangi Litoria (Baby) and myself (Rohini), we hogged the stage and the limelight for a good 7 minutes! I was also hosting a few segments of the awards night. Besides that, we launched the promo of BIN BULAYE MEHMAAN –S2 at the event where all the biggies from the Digital industry previewed it and finally, the icing on the cake! Our hugely appreciated film SINHA VS SINHA, the Rakshabandhan special starring IQBAL KHAN and ADITI GUPTA won the BEST SHORT FILM AWARD! Well we did deserve at least one trophy considering we had 11 nominations in all (or was it 12?)

I cannot start without thanking EACH & EVERY one of you who watched this film, all of you who have subscribed to Shitty Ideas Trending, and who actually took the effort of sharing the film after they watched it! Guys, we are NOTHING without your support! I feel its poetic justice now that Aditi Gupta is making a comeback on SIT just when her film won an award! Watch her play Keerti, who is secretly married to Shivendu (Anuj Sachdeva) in season 2 of Bin Bulaye Mehmaan. What happens when in such a scenario, a distant brother lands up? In comes Soumesh Bhaiyya (Yash Sinha) to completely turn their world upside down. But you might wonder, why are they secretly married? Why can't they just tell him? There may be many such questions that pop up in your mind regarding this enigmatic, mysterious, and really cute couple Shivendu and Keerti. All your questions will be answered, but only one by one, while you continue to watch BBM-S2! (Hehe, we are a little magnetic that way, to keep calling you back for the next episode) So while you enjoy watching, don't forget to SHARE each episode because that's the support we expect from you for all our hardwork!


Published by Chhavi Mittal