Published on 22 Mar 2018 | Views 16981

The Plot Thickens!

Each time we roll out a new series on our channel, Team SIT hopes for its viewers to enjoy it. With BIN BULAYE MEHMAAN-S2 we wanted each of our loyal viewers to get a glimpse of something new while keeping the old essence intact. We at SIT know that you keep coming back to us every week, because there is a certain kind of entertainment you expect from us. For over two years we have tried not to disappoint you and we hope to continue in that same vein. Through the BBM series we brought back Aditi Gupta on SIT but the other two actors - Anuj Sachdeva and Yash Sinha are debutantes on the channel. However, the love all of you showed towards the first episode of BIN BULAYE MEHMAAN –S2 has been proof enough that we are loved and all you viewers are open to different faces and content as long as it is entertaining.

We saw last week that the cute couple Keerti (Aditi Gupta) and Shivendu (Anuj Sachdeva) are secretly married and are leading a rather blissful life when in walks Soumesh Bhaiyya ( Yash Sinha) to turn their worlds topsy-turvy. As we moved ahead we saw Soumesh bhaiyya settling in with Shivendu and happily taking care of his younger brother, Keerti who has moved into one of her friends place is finding it rather hard to adjust her life outside the confines of her home. However, the plot only thickens from here as Shivendu realises that Soumesh has come to Mumbai with an indefinite plan of collecting money from an client he had lent his services to. Shivendu suggests that Soumesh stay in a hotel close to the client's office but Soumesh wants to spend time with his younger brother. A sandwiched Shivendu now has to deal with the various perils of his life.

Shivendu cannot reveal to his big brother that he is married while he is also missing Keerti and doesn't want to keep her out for long. The poor boy who is already under the pressure of setting up his food truck business, has now yet another job of juggling between his wife and brother while making sure neither is uncomfortable or displeased. What will he do? How will he sort out this issue? Will he be able to tell his brother the truth? Will Keerti lose her cool? When will normalcy resume in their lives? We know, you have too many questions in your head. But if we answer them all here, then what's the point? Instead, keep watching BBM-S2!
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