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Bin Bulaye Mehmaan-S2 comes to an end and with that ends the beautiful story of this adorable uninvited guest, Soumesh Bhaiyya (Yash Sinha). A lot of people had queries in the YouTube comments about why Shivendu (Anuj Sachdeva) & Keerti (Aditi Gupta) were so adamant on making this cousin leave when he was such a warm person. Well, for those of you who watched the series from the beginning till the finale, you already know what the reason behind that was. For the rest of you, who joined us mid-way, I will answer that query here.

Soumesh Bhaiyya and Shivendu are cousins, and are not really very close. In fact they haven't even met each other in years. Since Soumesh Bhiayya decides to land up unannounced, Shivendu's life gets disrupted. Why does it get disrupted? Well, he is secretly married to Keerti and since nobody knows about his marriage, neither does Soumesh Bhiayya! Why are they secretly married? Because Keerti had signed an agreement in her current work place that she will not wed for 5 years. But due to the high rent in a metro like Mumbai, Shivendu & Keerti could not afford 2 separate houses. Besides Shivendu has quit his job to pursue his dream of a Food Truck chain and hence they really need Keerti's job!

So, to avoid complicating things, they decide that it's best for Keerti to move out for a couple of days. Although on Keerti's end, shacking up with 3 girls staying in a 1-BHK, is not exactly comfortable. (I don't think I need to explain how tough life can be for a man who is the husband of an uncomfortable wife!)
Now. From Soumesh bhaiyya's perspective, it is actually Shivendu's mother who has insisted that he go and stay with Shivendu, hence he doesn't feel like he's imposing. Besides, he is a really warm & friendly person and is having a gala time with his kid cousin, taking care of him in his own way, cooking for him, etc.

But all's well that ends well, since when left with no other choice Shivendu tells Soumesh Bhiayya everything, and Soumesh Bhiayya surprises him with his reaction. In fact he teaches him some really valuable lessons of his life. 1. Never judge a book by its cover. Just because Soumesh Bhiayya is from a small town, doesn't mean he is not smart
2. Family comes first. Whenever you go through any kind of problem in life, blindly trust your family to help you out!

Just like Soumesh Bhiayya did.

In Bin Bulaye Mehmaan-S1 we showed you a guest who was really annoying and imposing and hence was troublesome. In season-2 we decided to do the unexpected and made the situation reverse. The guest being adorable, and still creating a havoc unknowingly! I hope I managed to clear all your doubts, although I think whats the point in creating a story if you cannot watch it and enjoy! So do go and watch the entire series from the beginning (maybe even a second time!).

For the rest of you who are eagerly waiting for the finale, here it is!

Meanwhile, SIT presents, BIN BULAYE MEHMAAN – The Finale!

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