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Curious case of EX-GIRLFRIENDS!!

Girlfriends are a part of 99.9% of men's lives. Right? They are your past, and past can never be changed. Right? In fact, past is what defines your future! Correct? And who minds some sweet, pretty, pleasant memories in life.. Bang on! But any married man will agree that if you want a peaceful future, this sweet, pretty, pleasant past, you need to erase. Let me tell you a secret (Shh…. Don't tell anyone!) Mohit Hussein and myself, we have had our own sweet fights about these sweet memories! Yeah, maybe you will watch some of them recreated in an upcoming video on SIT, but honestly, when the fight happens, it's nowhere near being worth it!

There are so many things in life we learn from. Our experiences are what we are made of, what we are a product of. They are what define our very personalities. Some good ones, some bad ones. And while we cannot choose our family, we can defnitely choose our relationships, but still, more often than not, we end up getting into some really bad ones. But it's all thanks to these bad relationships, that we choose that one perfect person to settle down with. Can you imagine what life would be if we settled down with the first person we ever met (many people do that! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section)! We will never even know if that person is the right one or not since we would have no experience with any other person! So for all those husbands who have had girlfriends in the past, it's good that you had them, because they have a huge role to play in your decision to decide who you are married to! (For all you singles, this is no way an advice to go on a dating spree!) In fact, what I'm trying to say is, that the past is the past for a reason. If it was worth being the present, you would be married to her!

If you still didn't get the idea, watch the second part of SIT's GRASS IS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE, presented by COOLWINKS.

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