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The ADORABLE habits of moms!!

Mothers are irreplaceable. I often wonder how a mother can be so giving, so selfless, so consumed by her love for her child. How can every single mother be this way! And their love and possessiveness gives rise to certain adorable behavioural patterns that are common to every mother. Leave us a comment if you agree with the ones listed below!

  • Time Management: No matter how much work there is to juggle between, a mother always finds time to do everything! Home, office, tuitions, PTAs, dance classes, swimming classes, organising the home, food, phew!
  • The Crying: She cries at the drop of a hat! If you get hurt, if you make a mistake, even if she makes a mistake! The emotions come pouring right out of her eyes!
  • The problem-fixing: She will fix every problem that we have as kids. I guess the biggest problem with growing up is that we stop going to our mothers for solutions to our problems. Coz if we still did, we'd be sorted!
  • The Pampering: Oh man the pampering! Whether it's a toy the child wants, or something as unreasonable as to eat jalebi early in the morning! A mother has a heart that doesn't know how to say no.
  • The Savageness: A mother can tell us anything, but the minute somebody else says something, her fangs shoot up! Has your mother ever stood up for you when she knew you were not entirely in the clear?
  • The Cute Thief: A mother will bring back goodies hidden away in her sari or dupatta from a wedding that you couldn't be a part of. And trust me, those gulab jamuns and cakes are the sweetest ever, aren't they?
  • The Struggles: She will go out of her way to take us for tuitions, for classes, to hone our skills, to make us better. Her feet will ache but she will not let our growth be compromised.
  • The Scolding: And have you ever been at the receiving end of your mother's scolding? Of course you have! And when she scolds, it's not loud, but it makes more noise than the loudest of noises, and it makes the most impact on us too.

There are so many more things to a mother which are simply impossible to pen down, but we at SIT will keep trying and this year too our endeavours continue as we present the Mother's Day video to you. Please Like & Share if you like it! & SIT present
Featuring: Meghna Malik, Amit Behl & Keval Vora


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