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Why is it so hard for men to understand women? (Read: why is it so hard for my husband to understand me?) From the experience that I have as a wife, I understand that it is the basic way we talk. Men are pretty straightforward, while women.. I swear we're absolutely straigthforward in our heads but sometimes we do tend to.. er.. not say the things we think and think that we said those things.. Rather (this is worse) "implied" those things.

So, a simple "again?" implies, "I am tired of this. I need a change. And I need it fast, because I was being polite all this time and not objecting but now that I can't even breathe, I am objecting so you better make sure this is not repeated!"
Phew! So how exactly is somebody supposed to read so much from the mono-syllable "again?" Men feel that they are being expected to read between the lines. If you are a man and you watch this week's episode, SIT's The Better Half-READ BETWEEN THE LINES then you would agree too! But for women it's not just saying their mind, but saying their "heart". Hence what men need to do is not read between the lines but simply understand the "emotion" in the words that the woman speaks!
Ok, to be fair, it is not always easy to grab the emotion of a woman since we do feel a multiple of emotions in just a fraction of a second and sometimes so many emotions at the same time! But trust me, just the way men feel it's hard to understand women, we too feel it is so hard to make them understand! So while you ponder a bit more about this never-ending discussion, don't forget to watch the new episode to get a little more enlightened about this (or at least feel solace in the fact that you are not alone)!

SIT presents READ BETWEEN THE LINES Featuring: Chhavi Mittal(Me) and Karan V Grover


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