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The Intuitive POWERS of WOMEN

We women somehow get it in our genes to be able to tell our husbands or sons what to do or what not to do, and call it our good fortune or your bad luck, we are mostly always right. Intuition is like a sixth sense all women seem to have which gets honed over the years. The all-knowing "I told you so"s are simply a result of unheard warnings or advise. Like when you step out of your house in dazzling whites and your mom asks "Is that what you are going to wear for travel?" and with smugness you answer "yes" only to have your monthly friend visit you that very day. When you type in the word intuition on google, the definition says "the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning" and well, considering men always complain about how we are the 'queens of reasoning', there is none needed for an intuition.

They say that your body gives you signs about things that you may not be able to know an answer to or the uncanny ability to predict the future and somehow just happen to be right. And I believe it is just a happy coincidence that women seem to have more of these signs than men do. There is little chance that men can even withstand this 6th sense, either they surrender without a whimper or suffer the look of the victorious glee of "Didn't I say this?"

From back in the day, it is a common memory of my mother saying something and that mostly turning out to be true and we'd often find her sitting with a "I know it all" expression. But that expression is something we should keep an eye out for, because it can truly save us a lot of trouble in the future if we simply paid heed to their gut instincts. It must be comparatively rarer for our fathers or husbands to be telling us about their gut instincts, right? And that really is saying something. It is a rare find to see a man who has the ability to 'just know', and hallelujah for the partners who 'just knows' that you're not okay even when you say you are.

Wives and mothers maybe sitting around the corner asking you to avoid certain things or situations or attempt to prepare you for some, and their ideas may seem absurd to you sometimes but we women follow the 'better safe than sorry' ideology quite strongly and somehow it always plays in our favour and we truly can't seem to help it if our intuitions always seem to play the way we predicted them

People have tried over the years to label this intuition in other words such as - "She probably has 32 teeth". But nevertheless, it is obviously something beyond orthodontia and it is a proven fact in every home that it is wise to listen to what the women of the house say if you wish to avoid all sorts of evil, including the stink eye of messing something up even after they warned you!
Staying true to her womanly spirit, watch Rohini (Chhavi Mittal) keep a check on her husband Rishi's (Karan v Grover) future, by constantly predicting the future, or maybe, just pin pointing the ties she was right about it!

SIT presents The Better Half - BIWI KI FORESIGHT in association with Urbanclap Featuring Chhavi Mittal & Karan V Grover

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