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As human beings we more than often want to protect our egos or ourselves and both come in question while arguing with spouses and partners. Don't they? Sometimes we may simply oblige with whatever allegations have been thrown our way or we may very conveniently bend the truth in harmless instances to get our way. I am sure most of you can think of cases when that has happened, can't you? Maybe when you know that your wife is particular about her chocolates and you tell her that you have no idea where they disappeared when you know that they conveniently sit in your stomach. Or maybe when you're too guilty to accept that you have been lounging and watching Netflix all day and end up telling your husband that you're too tired from all the work and gyming that you had to endure in the day.

In a marriage, such words of fiction pop up more than often in a day of work and it is important for the partners to know the difference between what may harm and what won't. Rest is upto the person's discretion and convenience to use these fictitious tales in moments of 'danger'. We women use this tactic too, maybe more than often when we don't want to let go of our ego or need to prove a point. I recall using some in arguments about many things which I know I may not exactly have the proof for, such as "Of course I called you, your phone wasn't reachable" or "I was ready an hour ago, I have been waiting for you".

Chhavi Mittal uses a similar tactic on the sets of SIT quite fascinatingly. Whenever an actor or anyone else happens to be late to the set, she tactfully makes someone call them and let them know that everyone has been waiting for a long time, which in turn makes the absentee panic and rush to reach the set only to find out that no one was really that worried except Chhavi. Mohit Hussein may disapprove of her methods and that might make it seem like Mohit hasn't done similar antics himself, but well.

As our regular viewers may know that Mohit is an avid cook, and thoroughly enjoys experimenting. Sometimes he may produce a dish so exquisite that it'd be hard to believe that he came up with it himself, but the wife knows what the husband doesn't know she does. Sometimes Chhavi supports Mohit claiming his genius in front of friends and keeps his secret intact or she may choose to oust him and his recipe booklets which stay well hidden behind the kitchen walls.

That's Chhavi & Mohit in real life. But even in reel life, Chhavi has something up her sleeve in the third episode of 'Grass is Greener on the other side – WHAT IS A LIE?' Watch Chhavi as ROHINI, Karan V Grover as RISHI, Pracheen Chauhan as ABHIMANYU and Pooja Gor as MEERA, figuring out the ropes of half-truths and hidden facts and the benefits and losses of the same. Make sure to SHARE the video and COMMENT and tell us about when you escaped the truth in similar fashions.

SIT presents WHAT IS A LIE?


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