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It’s a match MAID in Heaven!

NO I'M NOT talking about marriages. They're damn well made on earth. But your relationship with your maid? Definitely made in heaven. And I (Chhavi Mittal) would love to hear it in the comments if this is not true for you! Just like the process of growing up, going to school, college, doing further studies, a very important part of learning "people's skills" is hiring domestic helps. They are all so, so different from each other, yet so similar! I personally feel I'm a better person thanks to the 100 odd maids I have had in my life.
To begin with, you can't just assign a chore to them and expect it to happen. (shakes head from side to side with a sinister smile on face) NO. You have to do more than that to assure the "quality" of service you will get. In fact the "productivity" of the house-help depends on you. If she is not performing well, guess who's fault it is! It's your fault! Take for example a simple instruction like "please do the dishes". This instruction in my opinion (read experience) is so incomplete that it will throw any maid in a state of sheer confusion. Add to this the following instructions:

  • • Use the liquid detergent lying on the counter
  • • Dilute it by mixing a little water
  • • Use the scrub pad
  • • Ensure the dish is clean after you're done with it
  • • Please dry it before putting it back in its place
  • • Oh, I didn't say that? Please put the dishes back in their place

I wanna say "save water" but I won't even go there because that's a whole other story. Anyway, now that I feel I've covered everything, I leave the kitchen with a big satisfactory (read accomplishing) smile on my face only to return after some time to see everything has gone horribly wrong because I forgot ONE BASIC INSTRUCTION! The dirty ones had to be washed!


OK.. I'm exaggerating a bit (a lot), but that's only because my experiences with maids has left me almost in need of therapy because really, I feel like somebody who has been used and abused in many relationships, and suffered many heartbreaks. Every time I hire a new maid, there is a surge of new life in me. I hear violins being played and a soft breeze blowing my hair away from my face. I feel like my troubles are over and this lady is going to take me in her arms, embrace me, and tell me in a dreamy voice, "you can lie back and relax my child. The food will be on the table, the dishes will be done and your clothes will be ironed". But sadly nothing of that sort happens and I always end up getting hurt.

From the bruises that I have got in my relationships with my maids, I bring to you a recent chapter from my life. From not having ANY work done in the house to having frequent fights with my husband ( Mohit Hussein), I actually had a maid like BABY (Shubhangi Litoria) who came into my life and taught me yet another lesson and made me wiser.

Mohit Hussein and I bring to you a brand new season of MAID IN HEAVEN! Do watch and SHARE, and of course, SUBSCRIBE to Shitty Ideas Trending if you feel there was anything that you related to in this video. Watch me as ROHINI, Karan v Grover as RISHI, and Shubhangi Litoria as the epic maid BABY! Mind you, the following is based on true events.

SIT presents Main In Heaven – S2E1 – BABY SE PANGA!


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