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Who is the BOSS?

Every relationship constantly attempts to find a balance within itself. To reach a point where both parties are heard equally, and well marriage is one such relationship. Through years of anecdotes and husband-wife jokes we've seen the men trying to overpower us and to show us that they are the boss in the marriage. But their futile efforts lay just as uselessly as their socks in the shoes that they forget to throw into the washing machine. I believe everyone who has ever been romantically involved with someone knows the tug of war that takes place whenever someone makes a mistake. With egos at bay and counter arguments ready to be fired, we wait to see who caves in first and we automatically assume that one who does is the submissive one. Sometimes the silent war goes on and on till the husbands realize that they can't function without their wives. When skirmishes arise between Mohit Hussein and Chhavi Mittal, she ensures very tactfully that Mohit realizes the need for an apology from his side no matter whose fault it is. And on rare occasions when the apologies don't come pouring out, Chhavi's tears do and that's an automatic precursor for an apology from Mohit. Well in her defense she doesn't drag the fight any further or attempt to guilt our beloved founder and that is her half of the apology.


Hence doesn't it prove it? That no matter what is said or done, the real boss of the house is the wife! Who decides the food, the furniture, the clothes and your existence in the house? The wives of course!

And sometimes, even though the scales are mostly in the wives' favour, our partners may view someone else's marriage as more favourable for the man of the house and may attempt to try and follow advices from those men. Quite often in an attempt to be the boss, they end up trying to use someone else's gameplay in their field. It's a clear fact that the someone else's shoes will never be as comfortable as your own no matter how good they may look. And that's something men tend to overlook and end up quite often unleashing their wives' wrath. Something similar happens with RISHI (Karan V Grover) when he tries to disturb this delicate balance with ROHINI (Chhavi Mittal), on the expert advice of ABHIMANYU (Pracheen Chauhan) in the new episode of THE BETTER HALF.

The age long battle of who the boss is may be never ending but I believe most husbands and wives find their middle ground when they realize that they need no middle ground and that at the end of the day if you want to sleep in peace, you have to listen to what your wife says, let her be the boss and apologize when need be (which is always).

Watch and learn from SIT's latest presentation, as Rishi tries to get his way around the house with his ego guard up, in episode 8 of The Better Half. Like and Share the video if you relate and have seen similar instances take place in your marriage as well!




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