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The Endless WAIT

Waiting is a crucial part of any relationship or marriage, I think personally it's one of the ways we test our partners. Because to be honest we do take time to get ready (at least most of us) and it's hard to do so with the constant pressure of a nagging partner telling us to hurry up. Only few of us are lucky enough to meet someone who patiently waits on the side for us to be done with our diva makeover and still not be irritated and rather compliment us on how nice we look.

And well it's not just dressing up that requires the wait time. Considering how much we value our husbands' opinions, we take the liberty of dragging them everywhere. From shopping for clothes to jewellery scavenging, we have them sitting in the corner of the store waiting for us to show up in new attires every ten minutes. In some instances we really do test their patience, but isn't that what marriage is about? To see who sticks around no matter what? (Even if it is 20 dresses that we may not end up buying). But I guess we can all be grateful for the amount of times our husbands have very happily wasted away hours waiting around our various needs. Be it shopping or maybe something like us not talking to them. Especially when they know that they've messed up, which is when they really sit around the LOC with occasional apologies, waiting for the fire to cease down.

Sometimes the wait time is only a few hours. Sometimes it can span over days, like maybe the time you may have first asked her to go out on a date with you. The chase is real in most scenarios. And the waiting never really ends. While MEERA was lucky to find someone like ABHIMANYU, I came across a bunch of guys who refused to wait for me for more than 10 minutes at a time (in fact one of them just left me at home, and saw the movie we were supposed to watch, alone!)

So for all those husbands who find it troublesome waiting while your wife gets done with her various chores, watch the new episode of SIT, 'Up Your Game' in association with Rummy Passion, to learn a few handy tips about utilising your time well and being extremely patient like ABHIMANYU ( Pracheen Chauhan ) , while his wife MEERA ( Pooja Gor ) takes forever to get done with the things that she had to do. LIKE and SHARE the video if you've been in similar positions more than once! SIT presents Pyar Ka Punch - UP YOUR GAME in association with RUMMY PASSION


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