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Shitty Ideas Trending could easily have been named ‘Mohit’s chronicles’. The only reason it’s not is because that name doesn’t sound funny. But SIT would have been something entirely different if Mohit Hussein (Founder) would not have been a part of it. The ‘stamp’ the he puts on each and every content piece is something that is hugely un-missable. The brand of humour that Mohit brings on board is not only hard to recreate by others, but also extremely difficult to ignore! In fact, to share an insight, it is not possible to put down an SIT script on paper even by Mohit himself. That’s because, most of the funny one-liners that audiences love and relate to, he comes up with seconds before we actually shoot a scene!




Many of us feel that a film/TV set is really glamorous and exciting. But to be honest, that’s far from the truth. However, that can easily be said about the sets of SIT and that’s all thanks to Mohit Hussein. Not only does he bring out humour in the script, but also cracks hilarious one-liners on the set and keeps everybody entertained and stress-free. His expressions, reactions, antics, the way he talks… everything has an air of fun to it. No matter how tough the deadlines to be delivered are, no matter how late or delayed the shoot is going, or difficult a particular actor is (and there are many who just cannot get it right!), Mohit refuses to lose patience or his temper.



 And at the risk of sounding like the character that I play (Rohini), I might add that I contribute to a lot of stress on the set due to the various things going wrong (and something is always going wrong), and even when it comes to me, Mohit is the only one who can calm me down and bring my heartbeat to normal. There was this one time that we had to reach the outskirts of Mumbai for a 9 am shift, and the whole cast and most of the crew (about 20-25 people) were meeting at the office to be able to leave together and the incessant rains got everybody delayed. The client had to be picked up, the actors had major dressing up to do, the location was extremely expensive, it was one of our most expensive shoots at that time, and we had to vacate the location at 10 pm max! You can only imagine my stress levels sky-rocketing! But dear Mohit, was not only under full control, but was also absolutely confident that he will manage in whatever time we have without compromising anything.




I always pride myself on my time management, but Mohit’s strengths are his patience and confidence. And with these two weapons, he always ends up managing his time far better than me or anyone else I know. After coming up with the kick-ass ideas that you all love, and spending the whole day at office, I don’t know from where he gathers the energy to entertain our 5 year old daughter and then pamper me like the most special wife in the world! Never has he made a fuss about what to eat, where to go, what to wear, what to watch, who to meet in our free time or any other personal stuff. It’s amazing how he completes us and we complete him.

I guess that’s the persona that comes alive on screen through his actors and his scripts. One such script has been put to life by Mohit Hussein in today’s episode of PYAR KA PUNCH, where we see MEERA (Pooja Gor) constantly showing ABHIMANYU (Pracheen Chauhan) videos on her mobile. Maybe this situation happened in our lives sometime, or maybe not.( Mohit chooses to not reveal that to me ;)). Hence, let’s forget about the source of this particular idea for now and watch it for pleasure!






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