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No Maid Day or May Day?

In our everyday lives, a day’s worth of break is something we all dream of.  We need a break from our work, responsibilities and sometimes (maybe more than often) we need it from our husbands too! But our worst nightmare is getting a break from our maids. Our days are so accustomed to them that when they decide to leave us alone, fighting all the demons of the house, the gap they leave is too huge for us to fill (even if it is for one day). It is possible for a mother to cry for a break from, well, her only child, but every woman dreads the maid coming up to her to tell her “Didi, kal nai aa paungi”. Somehow reminds me of those conversations we have with our husbands where they say they need some space and we have to reluctantly give in.

It’s a ritual in every house, I believe, to relax on Sunday, wake up to a glass of ginger tea by your bedside, which has graciously been placed there by your maid/ guardian angel, and go through the day sitting on your sofa as you see her dust away the house. The sense of calm you may feel is incomparable. We all long for these days, to see the house spic and span and to walk to a neatly tucked bed which you had to make no effort for. But what happens when your maid decides to abandon you to walk alone for a few days? Almost like a man on crutches, whose crutches get taken away, right?



I can almost picture the scenario. There is a bed that has bread crumbs somewhere on the side because you were too lazy to dust it properly. The washing machine has already washed your clothes and has been crying out loud for you to take them out and dry them before they start smelling. You have already decided where to order the food from because you know that after all the sweeping and cleaning you will have no time to make the same nutritious food that your maid would make. And moreover when you check the clock and see that its 4 in the evening you suddenly realize that you still haven’t bathed.



Every time our maid tells us that she’d be going out for a wedding/ birthday/ village visit and some equivalent priority, our face drops because we know what kind of a weekend we are looking at. Much like an Army General, we delegate our husbands with specific tasks. Cleaning, vacuuming, thorough cleaning, thorough vacuuming, even more thorough cleaning and even more thorough vacuuming. Phew!



But all of this is taking in mind a scenario when our help decides to leave us helpless. What about when your maid is of no help even through her presence in the house? And I don’t mean the kind where you tell her 5 different tasks and she does just four. I mean the kind where she drinks your tea, watches your television and does none of the tasks ordered to her. Watch RISHI (Karan V Grover) and ROHINI (Chhavi Mittal) as she struggles with BABY (Shubhangi Litoria)in yet another episode of Maid in Heaven. Please make sure to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE if you relate to the pains of maid struggles such as these.


SIT presents Maid In Heaven – WHO’S THE BOSS?!



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