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The bond between a brother and sister is ethereal. Through all the fights, nagging and arguing, the only thing that stays constant is the forever belief that you would have them around whenever need be. There are quite a lot of pros of having one of your own blood right around you all the time, through pits and falls and through all the fights we have against our parents. You always know that there is someone who is always on your team.

You and your sibling may have been born years apart, or spent a childhood pulling at each other’s annoyances, but at the end of the day they happen to be just a call away to listen to your everyday work problems or relationship problems. Moreover, for every sister and brother, Rakhi brings out the most love in us. It’s a day where you truly spend time appreciating each other for the tumultuous relationship you may have shared. A simple thread can mean so much, can’t it? Behind the chocolates and shagun  money, there is so much more emotion behind Rakhi that many of us appreciate and some of us forget.



Rakhi as a festival, is significantly important as we tie the Rakhi on our brother’s wrists asking for protection forever in exchange for our unconditional love. And we know that that protection is here to stay. But are the sisters truly protected?

I mean, I agree when it comes to hardships such as hurt, pain or an eve teaser, we can always count on them. But about the daily discriminations we may be facing right in our own houses? It is so inbuilt into our very understanding that quite often we don’t even question it. It may be as simple as the sister having to return home much earlier than the brother’s curfew. But it can grow into so much more. For instance, when it comes to family businesses, quite often the daughters aren’t even considered to take over no matter what their credentials may be. Agreed that times are changing and the gap between us and our brothers has decreased to quite an extent in maybe a few families, but has it really on a larger scale? For the longest time I remember coming across friends who weren’t allowed to leave late at night without the brother on their side.



The question is, what about their protection in these instances? The promise of Rakhi  is to be protected from all hardships, so we can all agree that this protection has to come into play in every domain of life. Even if it means looking into what might be happening in your own house and maybe benefitting you but leaving your sister not so benefitted. From tiny instances such as him getting more pocket money than his sister, to the pressures of marriage that are felt more by her than the brother. It is crucial for the brothers to stand up and protect their sisters from all the demons that she may have to face, even if the demons might be coming from cultural habits that he himself has accepted.



So this Rakhi let’s vow to love and appreciate our brothers for all they have done, and to protect our sisters through every injustice and pain that may befall her path. On a lighter note, enjoy the funny anecdotes in the new episode of ‘Maid in Heaven- Season 2’ as RISHI (Karan V Grover) and ROHINI (Chhavi Mittal) along with BABY (Shubhangi Litoria) brainstorm who to get Rishi’s sister’s Rakhi tied from! LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE for a weekly dosage of Shitty Ideas Trending!







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