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Which Side is Really GREENER?

It is a universal fact, that for most of us what we have, never seems enough and what our neighbor has, always seems a lot. The everlasting feeling of “I wish my life was like hers/his” is a never ending cycle. Starting from a very young age, while we cribbed about the toys we never owned in comparison to our comrade’s, to growing older and eyeing that beautiful car our friends recently purchased. From small things to big, we have grown up viewing everything in comparison and vying for what the other has. Be it materialistic or not.



The phrase, ‘Grass is Greener on the Other Side’, has proven to be true on numeral occasions. The original meaning of the phrase stems from the fact that you might be viewing the life of someone you’re close to while underplaying the good fortunes that you have. For instance, when it comes to relationships we quite often view another couple as luckier and wonder what they have that we don’t. My partner might complain that “Look she gives so much space to him”. While on the other hand they might be looking at us and complaining “Look they spend so much time together unlike us”.



Starting from the universal joke of “Sharma ji ki ladki/ladka”, our parents too have seen the grass as much greener on the other side of the fence. While “Sharma ji ka ladka/ladki” was being scolded for not following our examples and using us as a barometer for good behavior!

There are days where I run like a rabid dog on the treadmill, pushing myself to burn away the extra calories so I can start looking good in all those clothes like my skinny friends do. While I look at my friends who crib looking at the mirror about how much weight they keep losing and that makes them look like they don’t get enough food to eat unlike me! I mean, there is no satisfaction on either sides of the fence, and it really may seem like that!



No matter how hard we try, what is on the other side of the fence is always more appealing to us. When we have long hair we want to experiment like that actress we saw in the movie and cut it short, when we get it cut we regret it looking at those with longer hair. It’s a vicious, vicious cycle. And it’s so hard to escape it, but once we realize what we have in our yard is quite enough for us, and that there is a balance that we need to achieve where we may not have everything, but what we have is sufficient for us is when we’ll realize that grass comes in different shades, and the one in our yard is just the right shade for us!



So join ROHINI (Chhavi Mittal), RISHI (Karan V Grover), MEERA (Pooja Gor) and ABHIMANYU (Pracheen Chauhan) in Shitty Ideas Trending’s GRASS IS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE- S2 E4 – THE BRUNCH, for a dose of our favorite couples looking over the fence and comparing notes with their better halves, only to find out that  the grass is greener on the other side only so long as, it is indeed, at the other side!


SIT presents  GRASS IS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE- THE BRUNCH in association with  Rummy Passion




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