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My Way or The ‘RIGHT’ WAY


Have you ever wondered what the right way to do a certain task is? To be fair, there really isn’t one specific way to do something right. However, often the assigners  are in disagreement with the assingnee’s  when comes to the right way. That’s because, to put in simple terms, when somebody asks you to do a job the right way, what he actually means is do it “his way”. Perception. Opinion. Point of view. There are so many!


Similarly, on the sets of Shitty Ideas Trending (just like any other creative set) when we ideate and write something, and when the actor reads it and delivers it, right to the point when MOHIT HUSSEIN directs it and edits it, there are many series of “right ways” that are crossed. But eventually, how does a script or a thought get the stamp of SIT? It’s when we follow Mohit’s way. It may not be the “right-est way” but on SIT, it’s definitely the only  way! (Even my word has no value, even though I’m the god-damn wife! Can you imagine?)



But guess how I cover up? I use the wife card at home, like all other wives. When I assign Mohit a task, even though I’m well aware that it may not be the only way, OR the right way, I do throw my weight around using the excuse of perfection to either make him re-do, or to do it all over again, my way! ;) To be honest, it’s just the way the chain of command works. It comes naturally to him on sets to lead, and at home, to follow. Isn’t that what happens between all moms and kids, all elder brothers and younger siblings, all bosses and subordinates all employers and employees?





Keeping up the tradition, we decided to show this brutal (but hilarious) picture to our dearest viewers by means of the delicate (yet beautiful) husband wife relationship. Watch RISHI (Karan V Grover) trying his level best to please ROHINI (Chhavi Mittal) when she assigns him various tasks which he (obviously) does not do perfectly. Because there may be many ways to do a task, but from a wife’s perspective, there are only two. One is the right way, and the other is the husband’s way, which even if is the right way, can never be right simply because it’s the husband’s way! Get it?

Don’t be confused, just watch THE BETTER  HALF






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