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The Perfect Home – MYTH or REALITY?

A home is a reflection of the homemaker – is one of the most popular sayings that we all have come across at least once in our lives and having gone through the process of creating our own homes and comfort spaces, it seems quite apt doesn’t it?

I personally have moved through various cities, and that required a lot of dedication, every time we went to a new city. The process lasted weeks as we went through money hogging brokers and housing societies to find the one that suited us the best. And it was always a struggle no matter how much we looked because each of our interest conflicted a great deal! While I’d want a bigger bedroom, my mother would crave a modern kitchen while her husband would rattle his head over a well-equipped living area! If only we could pick the first house we ever saw, multiple decision making wars between married couples and families could be avoided!



No matter how many services popped up, selecting a house was never simple, up until now. It’s similar to how we buy clothes, we try quite a few and we may like some but the fitting may not be right or there might be tear somewhere, but we can get frustrated and throw away our shopping carts but a house hunt may be exhausting, but oh so worth the effort! Fortunately we now find a wide array of societies that seem to cater to our every need providing us with exactly what we want, moreover there seem to be various types of houses now, each perfect for the different needs of different families.



It’s a careful process that requires immense scrutiny as you walk around the empty houses like a spy looking at corners of the house that could be your possible chill spots or pry around for snoopy and annoying neighbors (which I have come to realize is very important to know!). And almost everyone has dealt with the dilemma of what to do with the extra bedroom in the house. While some prefer to save it for guests, others spend hours conflicted over whether it should be a study area or a just another chill spot in the house.




But there are a lot of checklists that need to be ticked off before you pick your house. Especially when you’re doing so with your family in picture as everyone’s idea of their home seems to clash, because purchasing your own house is everyone's dream, and the extents of excitement in each family member knows no bounds. And trust me when I say, arguments might ensue while picking which room to stay in, the one with the bigger bathroom or the one with the gorgeous view?  If only we could go around always building our own house fitting everyone’s demands, life would have been so much simpler, right? But with the growing number of options that we find now, we've moved from “oh I can't seem to find the perfect house” to “oh I really can't decide which one is more perfect”.



Co-Founders Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein, fortunately avoided arguments and disagreements when it came to their house as Hussein prefers a bigger bedroom as compared to the living room. Well, the beloved bedroom is where you end up unburdening yourself, and fortunately for him his wife agrees. But will that be the case for ABHIMANYU (Pracheen Chauhan) and MEERA (Pooja Gor) as well?

Watch the new episode of Pyaar ka Punch as MEERA and ABHIMANYU head out on a house hunt! We are all well aware of efforts and time that one puts to find the perfect fit, do you think they’ll ensure that and find their dream house?

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