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Diwali means a lot of different things to each one of us, and each family has their own traditions that they end up following. May it be the first Diwali for a newly married couple or the tenth Diwali for you, your husband and your kids as you huddle up together to do the most important job of Diwali – Diwali ki Safai! In general instances we run away from the tedious labor that is cleaning and try to avoid it, Karan V Grover (onscreen RISHI) still says that Safai  is not his cup of tea and he’d rather employ the best deep cleaners to do it for him which he rewards with a generous tip. But none the less, home cleaning and Diwali go hand in hand as we reach the deepest corners of our house and clean the areas which we may not have visited all year round! At home my mother would make sure our work is divided much like in a corporate setting. Dusting was my job while my father would stand on ladders with a constant fear of falling as he rinses the fans and rediscovers treasures on top of cupboards, while my mother diligently inspected the crime scenes to scream out occasionally “Why would Goddess Lakshmi come in a house which you guys don’t keep clean!”


Diwali is the time where most of us also end up finding our long lost t-shirt which we swore to wear on the next party or the hidden money which we didn’t trust ourselves with, while looking through our husband’s cupboards we are sure to find a multitude of things ranging from his lost sunglasses along with his unused and disposed single socks which lay alone stagnating without their twins! I can’t count the number of times I have found bundles of rubber bands behind the bed and we all know how precious those are to us women.



While we declutter our humble abodes and make sure each item in our house is washed and dry cleaned, the curtains, the carpets or our humongous collection of clothes, we come across a bundle of things we don’t need anymore. Pracheen Chauhan (onscreen ABHIMANYU) puts it perfectly when he says “Diwali ki Safai means Dimaag ki Safai” as he makes it a point to donate a bulk of his unused clothes every Diwali no matter how possessive he may have been over them in the past! He strictly advocates the habit of donating clothes regularly and it only makes me wonder when I shall let go of those ‘favorite’ pair of jeans that I refuse to fit into anymore.

As for our favorite Founder Mohit Hussein and his wife/co-founder Chhavi Mittal, they prepare themselves with arms in hand to attack their daughter Areeza’s room as she favors hiding tiny tit bits around the place making it a treasure trove for the lost and found.




But our army doesn’t solely include the wives, husbands and kids. Along with them comes the well prepared maid, who are our best friends through all of this as they walk around the house cleaning it with the same diligence (and maybe a little disgust thanks to the hidden corners of unidentified things) as ever, and with the everlasting hope getting a good Diwali bonus. With that in mind, lets watch as RISHI (Karan V Grover) and ROHINI (Chhavi Mittal) prep up for the festival of lights with BABY (Shubhangi Litoria) right beside them! SIT presents Maid in Heaven - Diwali ka Bonus in Association with Urban Clap.


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Fiza Anand