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What Makes a DATE

We may have evolved as a society but the entire process of dating has more or less remained constant.  From meeting someone new, falling in love, meeting secretly or not so secretly and sharing a plethora of meals and movies together to hoping that we spend a lifetime with them, it has mostly remained the same.


School days were filled with innocent wooing and crushes. My school memories are filled with sending notes through mutual friends or sneaking around, meeting in the playgrounds and canteens and the rendezvous between classes in corridors while making sure that we weren't spotted by our teachers. And the lengths we may have gone for a person we find attractive are surprising and I'm sure each one of us has gone out of our ways to woo someone. Karan V Grover (RISHI) has had a very relatable incident where much like most of us he spent college life broke without much money for a meal or movie together. So what's the other way of spending time together?
He once travelled double the distance of his actual journey just to drop the girl he liked home, so he could spend some time in the local bus with her. Heart melting, right?


Our ideas of first dates have differed greatly, while I dreamt of a walk on the beach, SIT’s Creator/Co-Founder Mohit Hussein headed out to a Ganpati Darshan for his first date and Pooja Gor (MEERA) on the other hand realized she hadn't been on a date with the person she'd been with for more than a while and decided to take things in her own hand and made sure that a first date was planned according to her expectations.


Apart from all of this, do you remember the dread we felt when it came to our parents and the topic of having a boyfriend/girlfriend? I personally couldn't have gone up to my mother earlier during school and tell her I had a boyfriend. The immediate reactions of such revelations could be scary. And thanks to such reactions Co-Founder Chhavi Mittal's first date turned out to be more sad than romantic, where she headed out to meet her date in a garden. With the right atmosphere and the right place you'd imagine a perfectly nice and amorous evening, but her date didn't anticipate the breakup that approached him which was encouraged by Chhavi's parents once they found out that she was dating.


We get dumped or we dump, it's become a part of life and that doesn't seem to deter us from looking for love all over again and going through the entire beautiful process of getting to know someone. From all the looking to cheesy pick-up lines and all the flattery, the entire process of finding someone has been tedious but so worth it. But today it's become so much easier to meet new people through apps like Tinder. And other methods like speed dating and blind dating. There is so much of a variety that even when you may feel like you may not find someone to gel around with, you can always depend on your friends to set you up with someone or your phone to match you up with someone.



Something like what happens with KARTIK (Rohan Shah), MEERA’s (Pooja Gor) brother who is staying with them for his internship for a couple of months and gets meeting new people on Tinder! While the dating is fine, what doesn’t go down too well with ABHIMANYU (Pracheen Chahuan) is that he seems to have finally met his match in this young boy. As the war between the boys begins, you have to wait and watch to know who finally wins. Is it the smart ABHIMANYU? Or the newbie KARTIK, in the new PYAR KA PUNCH episode streaming now.

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Written by
Fiza Anand