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The Ultimate Family MASH

Flustered between managing work and home, we often look at our spouses in despair and say, ‘I desperately need a vacation!’ Quite often, your timings might go well with you and you end up planning the vacations that you so need. While travelling solo or just with your spouse and kids, you know there are a multiple doubts, questions and confusions that arise. So what happens when you go out on a family vacation with your parents, siblings and so on?

While an entire gang heads out for a vacation you can ensure that a lot of chaos follows each of them, packed neatly with their clothes in suitcases waiting to erupt at moments through the holiday. And before you know it you need a break from the break that shall commence.




The last family vacation I headed out for was cancelled on 3 separate occasions because we couldn't put our finger on our place of interest. Was it going to be international or national? Was it going to be South India or North India? And as soon as we put our feet down and decided on Kerala, the state was hit by a nasty case of Zika virus and well our last option was ticked off as well.



A month before you head out for a family vacation you need to start getting your arms and legs ready for the exercises that ensue. You need to be prepared and it needs to be laid out on pen and paper and planned meticulously if you ever hope to have a peaceful vacation. Starting from the ‘where to go’ to the ‘where to stay’. Once you've undergone intense debate and finally settled on where to head to, you may find yourself surfing multiple internet sites for weeks looking for the perfect hotels where a pool and Wi-Fi for the kids and a bar for the adults is mostly a prerequisite.

Preparing for this kind of a holiday comes in another aspect as well, such as the packing. You often end up packing for yourself, your husband, your kids while simultaneously packing little bags filled with edibles to satiate you through the journey. Very so often the wife might assume that the husband and kids are capable of doing it on their own and retreat to their own packing only to find a mess in the rooms an hour later and just piles of clothes stuffed in bags. And I know with experience this happens quite often.



After all the preparations and extensive planning, you finally head out armed with the right amount of luggage (or maybe an excess owing to the confusion) and a bottle of sunscreen to enjoy the family vacation you've been waiting for. But you better hope for your sake that you're prepared enough for a hotchpotch of uncoordinated events that follows.



While on a vacation there is bound to be more than one argument about food, fortunately or unfortunately we have a huge variety of cuisines at our disposal now and well, not each can be our favourite. Someone may desire Chinese, the kids may bargain for fries and another set of adults could be debating mughlai food or maybe an adventurous Japanese or Greek. With the multiple interests, everyone seems to be headed in their own directions and that doesn't just stand true for food but for every aspect. While the men want to go explore around and look at all the historic sites maybe the women might drag them to go explore the local market while the kids cry around while they get bored. But it goes without saying that the luxuries and beauties of the places we visit often end up soaking away all this craziness as eventually at the end of the night the family concludes it with a nice warm dinner or bonfire, making all the effort so worth it.

With that in mind, what do you think happens when RISHI (Karan V Grover) heads out on a family vacation with ROHINI’S (Chhavi Mittal) parents MR. PREM CHOPRA (Ayub Khan) and MRS. CHOPRA (Deepika Amin), her brother KUNAL CHOPRA (Gunjan Utreja) , his wife SAPNA CHOPRA (Preetika Chawla),  and their little kiddo KABIR?

Watchout for the new web series The Family Vacation - S1 E1 as you come across the different flavours that combine together to formulate the dish that is this family!




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Fiza Anand