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Do you remember that time, back in the day, when we headed out for vacations in beautiful locations and gorgeous landscapes equipped with just a camera that had one reel inside it, and we made our best effort to capture the best moments? So that years later, we could see the developed photographs well compiled in an album and connect the dots of what had happened at the vacation with solely our memory.



We had so much time in hand to absorb all the beauty around us and register it all as idyllic and happy memories of a fruitful family vacation. And when we returned home, we did so with a bucketful of stories and a handful of pictures. That being said, I don’t mean to say that we don’t enjoy our family vacations the same way anymore, in fact with the growing ease of travelling, it is so much easier to connect to distant and picturesque places. But as technology grew, our camera became our mobile devices and slowly our phones became our sole way of exploring the whole world. Now rather than seeing the world through rose tinted glasses we see them through Instagram filtered pictures.



While being on a vacation with your family, the heart would want to capture every precious memory ever but we fail to do that because we get too busy hurrying to open our phones to snap open snapchat or Instagram to record whatever is happening around us. So while you my friend were busy snipping out your phone, the most majestic lion that came to grace your safari van would have already passed and you’d be regretting the loss of a lovely ‘Instagram/snapchat story’.



Kids on the other hand I believe are luckier in this scenario, they don’t feel the need to upload pictures on various social medias to show the world that the family is off on a vacation. All they need is fun and to see some fascinating and lovely views and experience some extraordinary explorations. And that is exactly how we should all be on our family vacations. Shouldn’t we? You don’t get that vacation every day. And you’ve been stuck in the same cycle of everyday life, so for once when you’re off to an unforgettable getaway with your spouse, kids and other family members, make sure to put away your phone. Because much like the speed at which you’re typing messages and statuses, precious time is flying away from what can be a blissful experience.



Use that time to get to know yourself, your partner and the rest of your family better. And rather than rushing to the room to charge your phone because you may need it later, I suggest you leave the phone right in the room and let those messages pile up while you go enjoy a dinner by the bonfire with your people and laugh at the anecdotes and old memories. And there is no doubt about the fact that that will be a much better use of your vacay than the rendezvous you would have had with your AI enabled smartphone.



So, why not make a promise to ensure to minimize phone time and maximize family time at the next vacation? Till then enjoy The Family Vacation-S1E4 as RISHI (Karan V Grover) , ROHINI (Chhavi Mittal), her parents MR. CHOPRA (Ayub Khan) and MRS. CHOPRA (Deepika Amin), her brother KUNAL CHOPRA (Gunjan Utreja) , his wife SAPNA CHOPRA (Preetika Chawla),  and their little KABIR all continue their adventures on their family vacation in Kasauli and see how they make their best attempt to make it a memorable holiday overcoming all mishaps!






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Fiza Anand