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The Various Roads of a TRAVELLER

Vacations are a time when we all replenish ourselves from our hectic schedules that we endure during the long weeks. While some prefer beaches, some prefer mountains and other might prefer historical sites, we all have our own preferences when it comes to vacation spots. But we have a preference even in the way we vacation, don't we?


For some the idea of lounging in a pool is what tempts them towards a vacation while for some it's the thrill of watersports! Even in a family, the wife may want to read a book and lounge and the husband might want to explore the city they are in or maybe it's the opposite! But the idea of a vacation is different for everybody. We saw a lot of variations in the cast of ‘The Family Vacation’ as well, but well that is what a family is right? A beautiful mix of everything.


For me the allure of beaches can never be lost, I believe nothing calms you down like the sound of waves does. Co-Founder/actor Chhavi Mittal herself is also more of a beach lady herself and she likes her vacations to be relaxed and luxurious. Considering that she’s escaping the mess of metropolitan cities she prefers to be in comfort during travelling and hotels and she strays far far away from budget travel. Well holidays are meant to pamper ourselves, aren’t they?


On screen sister in law to Preetika Chawla quite similarly enjoys relaxed retreats with a very heavy dosage of R and R, she calls herself a lazy traveler who cannot do without her sunbathing, swimming and reading, and of course oodles of sleep! So before you plan any sightseeing with her, Preetika must have had a minimum of 4 days of some major relaxation!



On the other hand on screen mother MRS.CHOPRA fits her mommy role off screen very well, Deepika Amin says she’s a very meticulous traveler, to the extent that she maintains excel sheets with itineraries and no matter how simple the day’s activities maybe, she ensures that its entered in the Excel. Talk about planning a trip well!


Her onscreen husband Ayub Khan is quite the opposite in this context, while Deepika enjoys her holiday by the book, Ayub enjoys his off the map all together. His exact words completely define his travelling style, “The dusty roads, the shrouded path in the wilderness, that leads away from civilisation, driving along the coastline, searching for deserted beaches or than the cliff side, which has a view that takes one's breath away.” He fits the label of an explorer perfectly as he loves heading out with his car stopping wherever his heart and curiosity require him to stop!


Talking about proactive, Gunjan Utreja who plays the role of ROHINI'S (Chhavi Mittal) brother KUNAL, believes in making it a point to learn something new on each adventure he heads out on. He suggests avoiding Google or heading out to the must visit sites that are suggested, on the other hand he says it’s better to simply walk out and explore everything first hand. To ensure that one takes full advantage of the trip they're on, he spends his vacay talking to locals and learning the most about the culture as possible. Pro tip from Gunjan : explore the city through public transport!



And while we have so many variations when it comes to types of travellers Karan V Grover, enjoys a mix of all worlds. Be it lazy or crazy. He says he adapts to city depending on what is demanded of it, and I think he lives by the “When in Rome do as Romans do” pretty well, thus he ends up partying in Las Vegas and being in the moment and being one with nature in places like Dharamshala. For Karan it's essential to imbibe the vibe of each place!

A mix of all flavours is what makes the food taste so good, similarly a mix of varied interests is what makes a family vacation so much fun as we try to accommodate each and everyone's interest and wishes. Much like that , SIT’sThe Family Vacation” goes on with the fifth episode as Kasauli continues to excite and rejuvenate them at the same time. So watch The Family Vacation - S1E5 to watch as ROHINI (Chhavi Mittal) and RISHI (Karan V Grover) enjoy their ongoing holiday along with MR. PREM CHOPRA (Ayub Khan) and MRS. CHOPRA (Deepika Amin), her brother KUNAL CHOPRA (Gunjan Utreja) , his wife SAPNA CHOPRA (Preetika Chawla),  and little KABIR (Kavyaan Khosla).





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Fiza Anand