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The HOLIDAY Season is UPON us


Tis’ the seasons to be jolly, and before you've realized the year of 2018 is coming to an end bringing good cheer your way. Christmas is back after a long year of festivities of all kinds and at SIT we've made it a point to observe and enjoy each festival and spread the joy further through our videos, be it Navratri, Diwali or Christmas. Christmas as a festival attracts people of all cultures with its glittery lights and green and red decorations. Hence, the founders Mohit Hussein and Chhavi Mittal feel that the content calendar of Shitty Ideas Trending feels incomplete without an episode adorned with the flavour of this festival.  



While we all like to celebrate Christmas in our own ways, we all agree that it is so much more than just a hanging stocking and the huge looming Christmas tree. It's a magical season in itself with the stories of Santa Claus that excite the kids and the never ending parties that excite the adults. This long week which combines together the joy of Christmas with the excitement of a new year is a week-long party that leaves us intoxicated with fun and maybe a little wine or the delicious rum cakes.



The festival brings something for everybody, for the shoppers - huge sales, for the foodies- a lot of irresistible food and for all those who like to wander and explore - cities decorated with Christmas trees and chubby men pretending to be Santa. But for those who enjoy the company of close ones, it allows you to enjoy a chilly night with warm woolen clothes and maybe a potluck party. Along with that you can top up your night by simple visiting the nearby church to listen to the tireless choirs singing their beloved carols one after the other.


Growing up, Christmas for me each year meant a Christmas gift. I may not have received Diwali gifts but I made sure I got one on Christmas. Moreover the efforts parents put into ensuring that we believe the magic of the festival is magnificent. So much so that my parents once wrote me a letter pretending to be Santa Claus. And I enjoyed the fantasy world till my bubble was burst, but the allure of Christmas is still never ending. With or without the white bearded man bearing gifts. With kids singing carols everywhere and each shop selling Christmas trees and decorations, it's impossible for one to be left out not be tempted to dive into those boxes of decoration to pick something up for your own house. Moreover the smell of the bakeries is pretty much everywhere as they all end up displaying their Christmas special cakes and pastries and well no one wants to miss out on some good plum cake.



So as the festival of reindeers and glittery trees comes upon us, watch out for the The Better Half S3 E2, as ROHINI (Chhavi Mittal) and RISHI (Karan V Grover) prepare for a fun filled Christmas with some wonderful surprises along with MEERA (Pooja Gor)and ABHIMANYU (Pracheen Chauhan) to celebrate the holiday season all together along with the general fun and frolic that seems to follow our favorite couples everywhere. But also, be prepared for a twist in the tale!

SIT presents The Better Half-S3E2 – BIWI SE SWTICH OFF


Written by
Fiza Anand