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We have all heard about “Pregnancy Cravings” some time or the other in our lives. They are an expected symptom of pregnancy where one moment you might be drooling over a piece of chocolate and the other moment you might wanna have some spicy meatballs.
The woman also enjoys the weirdest combination of food. It could be Apple pie with cream cheese or even Oreo cookies with soy sauce! (Yeah, Really!!!)

While at times you may call them “unreasonable”, but given that there’s another life inside the woman, everything she says and does is justified. Yes, even if she asks you to do a photoshoot for her in the middle of the night.


Being pregnant is the most sensitive and special time for any woman, so she should get all that she deserves. You should be on your toes to meet ALL of her demands. She wants to go for a late night snack? Take her for it. She wants to sleep early? Switch off the lights. She wants to nap the entire weekend? Switch off your phone. She wants a nice massage? Be her masseuse. The ultimate goal is for the woman to feel stress-free.

The pregnant body as well as the child within undergoes incredible changes which is reflected in the form of mood wings, outbursts, forgetfulness, exhaustion or even swollen feet (Yes, that’s why we say - “Pair bhaari hogaye hai”). You must realise that her life is gonna change drastically and hence it is immensely important for her to stay relaxed and balanced.

Pregnancy is a really confusing time, you might not know what to do for someone who is pregnant. Start with being patient. Express your love and concern towards the woman. Do things you have never done before. And most importantly, nurture your relationship by communicating better. Talk about how you feel about the child that’s gonna come. Because let’s be honest, there’s gonna be tonnes of sleepless nights henceforth. Talk about your parenting styles and your responsibilities. Talk about how you are gonna take out time for each other amidst everything else. When a woman knows that you are there to hear her out, it makes it easier for her. (Even if she is shouting at you for a mistake that SHE made, just hear her out!)


Another thing that can be done to make this entire procedure a little easier is to Hire Help. They are gonna make everything so much easier. Starting from the exact kind of food you want to the one thing every woman is crazy about - CLEANING. You won’t have to worry about your OCD because they have got you covered.

Remember, in the next nine months, her life is gonna change. She’s soon going to become a mother. It is going to be a little too overwhelming. During this time, she expects the people around her to deal with her idiosyncrasies.


“Give a woman what she wants” - This is true in everyday life but it holds even more true when she is pregnant. The founders at Shitty Ideas Trending, Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein, are having their second child and they are all set to make it a beautiful experience for both of them and for all of you yet again. Let’s wish them luck and stay tuned for the next episode of THE BETTER HALF!




Written by
Tanisha Murarka