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Truly Made in HEAVEN

When we here atSIT named our web series about a house help, we knew we had to come up with something appropriate to label these saviours. And Maid in Heaven made complete sense given all that they do for us. Despite all their quirks, our maids are something we can't do without. Even when you're not pregnant.

But as pregnancy arrives, your needs increase 10 folds. And while the husband is there, the maid can overshadow him in a millisecond. Everything the husband does, the maid can do better and that's for granted. When you lie down with swollen ankles and the baby blues, you know that the maid will come forth with a halo like glow and a warm cup of tea.



Pregnancy is a hard time to deal with and you may need all the support around you, and as much as we may love our husbands, they don't give you ALL that you need when compared to our maids. Of course husbands are around, where will they go, but it's not them who come and periodically ask you if you need something and attempt to make your favourite dishes every day. Maybe once in a while, but the maids follow a routine to ensure that we are well fed, comfortable and given everything to soothe the mood swings.




It does help that maids mostly have gone through the phase of pregnancy themselves and thus know exactly which need to cater to and most of their maternal instincts come out bursting on us in our time of need. And you can be sure of the fact that when the need comes, wives can throw the husband under the bus for the maids any day. Remember that riddle which asks if two people were stuck in a boat who would you save? This is the moment of truth because you know that the lady with a child kicking inside her is going rush her maid to safety. It's ok if the husband has to swim his way back to the shore, right?

Much like a marriage the maid is someone you wish you can keep for 'saat janam’, that is if you find the right fit. With a lot of mutual respect and care, they fulfill your needs and you fulfill theirs. And as pregnancy comes, wives know that their involvement in the house is going to reduce drastically but somehow the fear isn't really there, because it's a fact that the maid is going to take over like a replacement ruler and overtakes the responsibilities of the house with a full swing. Had the maid not been there, you know that there is a high risk of spilled milk literally and metaphorically.

But what happens to husbands during all of this? Because in the race of who handles the house and the wife better, there is clearly no competition and this can leave him feeling quite eclipsed. So what do you think happens to RISHI (Karan V Grover) as BABY (Shubhangi Litoria) begins being a part of the experiences that he so desperately wants to be as ROHINI (Chhavi Mittal) experiences the joys of pregnancy?

Watch SITMaid in HeavenS2E09- BABY KI GULATI to find out how RISHI deals with his race against BABY.




Fiza Anand