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With V-Day around the corner, you can already see young couples bustling up and down gift stores to pick gifts up to show their partner that they are valuable. Handmade cards, love letters, teddy bears and what not being made and purchased to shower their better halves with love. But why must V-Day be the only day we indulge in these tiny gestures?




As Valentine's approaches you can see each and every couple stressing on what to do to show the other that they love them. But that's just one day. Isn't it? A relationship requires love to be displayed everyday. It's crucial for marriage that we show them that we love them in a multitude of ways than just on a single day. It's the tiny gestures that count. Switching off the fan even though you may feel hot because you can see your wife shivering, or maybe watching a football match with your husband even though it bores the hell out of you.

As the plans for Valentine's day flourish around me, one says they plan on going out on a date to a famous restaurant the other wanders around the mall for hours picking the perfect gift. While another says they plan on staying in and just cooking together. I'm not trying to say that this isn't true love, it is. Each act is. But it's truer when you don't just do it out of the pressure of one single day and ensure that you do something every now and then to make your partner feel valued.



Look at our Founders Mohit Hussein and Chhavi Mittal for instance, they believe everyday is valentine's. So much that when the day approaches they don't need grand gestures to celebrate it. In fact sometimes they even forget about the grandiosity of the day because well, each day is grandiose for them.  As a relationship flourishes and is in the young stages, in most relationships, it becomes a mandate to celebrate the day and acknowledge it to its fullest. But when you're living together, you've already been a part of a million different ways through which you've made your care and love more than evident. When the fighting gets out of hand, don't you sometimes just accept your mistake to end the fight even when it might not be your fault? Or buy ice creams and chocolates when you know that her time of the month is approaching? Or the simplest form of love being when you drop each other a text or call to ask them if they reached safely.



While valentine's day remains to be the only day celebrating love, a marriage or any other relationship for that matter can only flourish when you celebrate love every single day.

So the next time, your partner forgets to do something for valentine's day, try to remember the million things they do for you letting you know that they are your Valentine truly. Cooking your favourite meals every now and then or just the simple cuddle when you feel low, each day becomes a celebration. So what do you think our favourite couple ABHIMANYU (Pracheen Chauhan) and MEERA (Pooja Gor) are up to on valentine's day? Watch SITPyaar ka PunchS1 E30 to know more. Also like, share and comment below and let us know what you're doing this valentine's day.




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Fiza Anand