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I believe whoever watches SIT videos has some experience in the department of relationships or marriage and is aware about the slippery slope that is an argument or a fight.

As the walls of ego rise and anger grows, you know there is no easy escape till either of you breaks the hard ice and apologizes.

I've had fights go on for days, because neither of us wanted to be the first one to say 'Ya it was me who was wrong’. So what is the right way to apologize? Is it a grand gesture or is it the words?



Arguments sometimes take ugly turns, when we end up saying harsh things to each other and after a point it gets hard to differentiate who is right or wrong. Often the wife feels like it's the husband at fault, and the husband believes it's the wife who needs to come forth and apologize and in this game often emotions are hurt and ignored.

More so often, sometimes we may get exhausted of the fight and just let go of the ego and apologize just to end the fight and in turn loose the value of the word 'sorry’, is that the right way to go but?



In a marriage, fights are unavoidable. Husbands and wives often lock heads, sometimes the problems might be trivial which simply require the wife to plan a movie night or the husband to get a dozen of roses. But sometimes it requires much more attention than that. What becomes most crucial in these situations is, who bends first.  Agreed, in that moment the partner who accepts their fault first may feel like they've lost a battle, but to be honest a genuine apology can do wonders. It can avoid further discomfort, ease the current hurt and maybe push the other to realize their fault as well!



Even though there is no benchmark or jury sitting out there to decide who was actually the wrongdoer, but in a relationship sometimes it just helps to let go of your anger and ego and simply apologize for your share of the problem.


So answering the question asked earlier, there is never really a perfect apology, there is no trademarked definition. It may differ for each one of us. But there is one thing we look for in an apology constantly, and that is genuineness. No matter how big or small the fight may be, an apology means nothing if it isn't heartfelt. Sometimes, a hundred flowers can't fix what a simple apology can. It's as simple as introspection and realising where you're wrong and taking a step forward to apologize to your partner without any conditions or expectations of them returning the apology.



So what happens when MEERA (Pooja Gor) and ABHIMANYU (Pracheen Chauhan) get stuck in a banter of the worst kinds? Who apologizes and how? To find out watch


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Fiza Anand