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The BABY Shower

It dates back to much older times when in Greece and Egypt the mother was rewarded with delicious food somewhere after her pregnancy. Celebrating a baby, is not new to any culture or any country. We all do it in our own ways. In India it's called Godh Bharai in North India, Seemandam in Tamil Nadu or just a baby shower in the western countries.

They all follow the same trend at the end of the day, to celebrate motherhood and to give the mother the best wishes possible, along with delicious food and a lot of fun of course.

For quite some time this function was only restricted to the women, till recently that the men of the house have been equally involved in the preparation and celebration of a new baby in the house.


But what really happens?  

As all the friends, neighbours and relatives get together to bless the new mother to be, there is often a serenade of bhajans and poojas. Extravagant rituals are performed by various friends and family members in an attempt to ensure that the mother faces no harm or evil eye.

While the mother is busy growing a new life inside her, those around her take responsibility of throwing her a baby shower to award her with a day to make her feel special and welcome the baby. Traditionally the function is organised by the best friend, sister, sister in law, parents or parents-in-law for the glowing mother to be.

There are a few things that should be kept in mind though, when planning a baby shower for the mother to be. Most important being, to keep the mother and father in loop of the process and proceedings of the function to ensure that the mother has all her comfort needs.


The food as well should be planned according to the needs and wants of the mother, after all it's her and her baby's day so why not make sure that she has exactly what she needs?

Moreover, these days baby showers and Godh Bharais are transforming along with the growing trends. Themed jewellery, henna art for the baby bump and gender reveals are becoming a favourite for the new age mothers. Gender reveals are honestly extremely fun to watch as you get to enjoy the expressions on the mothers and fathers faces as vital facts about their baby are revealed to them in creative fashions!


It's interesting how we're managing to accumulate traditions and elements of baby showers from all over the world to make the day more fun for the parents while sticking to the basic essence of a Godh Bharai. So for all those who are expecting, make sure you acquaint  those organising your baby shower with your needs and expectations. For those planning one, make it a point to make the Godh Bharai a cumulation of entertainment, fun, games and a lot of blessings to best suit the parents-to-be.


So, what do you think will happen at ROHINI’s (Chhavi Mittal ) Baby Shower as RISHI (Karan V Grover) and MEERA (Pooja Gor) attempt to plan one for her?

SITpresentsThe Better Half-S3E7 – THE BABY SHOWER

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