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The BOSS Maid


We need our maids, and we know that we need them desperately. Without them our houses would be at a standstill and the worst thing is that they know that we need them with so much desperation.

It's almost like being in a relationship and the partner knows that you've scored above your league and you won't get any better. Unfortunately maids use this 'assurance’ to their advantage. Not only do they take you and your husband for granted, but given the fact that you're not going to let them go no matter what, they cut a few corners here and there!

Given the fact that these days most of the houses have both the husband and wife working, they are well aware that there isn't an individual watching over their every move and they have the freedom to do what they will without a lot of repercussions. I'm sure it's not rare that your maid would come up to you with puppy dog eyes asking for a little extra money for her son's birthday, sister's wedding, father in law's treatment, or even money to go in an auto some days maybe. Then there would be moments where they would conveniently let the fact that you and your husband are both busy, allow her to have two different stream of conversations. Maybe your husband is easier to convince? And she convinces him that she needs a holiday the next day and thus you and your husband are both sitting with brooms in your hands and a leave from work the next day!


There will also be days where she comes and asks for an increment given the workload that she has to face and she can very conveniently quite often blame her mistakes on instructions of the other, leading to a massive confusion that often goes in her favour because well - we can't lose the maid now, can we? I remember one of our maids actually quit working for us, because I'd started cooking and she couldn't deal with the increased load of dirty utensils and because no one would give her a raise for that. Well it goes without saying that I was the villain of the house till we found a new maid.

But the monopoly that maids have over us and the power that they so easily exert is tremendous. And sometimes scary. Considering that they most often get their way whenever they want no matter who's at fault. A holiday? You know you'll oblige! New clothes for their kids? You'd give lovingly! Extra money? Sure!

So what happens when RISHI (Karan V Grover) realizes the power of BABY (Shubhangi Litoria) and her talent to fleece off extra money? How do you think that goes down? To know, watch SITMaid In Heaven  S2E11 THE MONEY TRANSFER!

Written by
Fiza Anand