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With love and marriage, come a lot of happy days, flowers, dinners, movies and a lot more! A bucket filled with memories but of-course somewhere in the bucket are a handful of misunderstandings as well. Some big, some not so big. Through the multiple videos here at Shitty Ideas Trending, I am sure all the viewers have enjoyed and empathized as RISHI and ROHINI went through playful and sometimes serious arguments, much like any other married couple. Some instigated by circumstance or some by BABY their iconic maid! Same goes for MEERA  and ABHIMANYU, even with a tangentially different relationship, we’ve seen them face their own share of arguments!



The word misunderstanding in itself spells out the solution and problem in one go, but quite often married couples get stuck in the tango of anger and ego. There can be a million reasons that may bring forth an argument, and even though pop culture assumes that we women always want to be apologized to, that’s rarely the case! Sometimes the arguments in my house stem from something as simple as “Maine aaj aquagaurd wale ko bulaya tha, why’d you send him away?” to which the husband can only seem to say “Oh sorry, maine socha wo aise hi aya tha”, may seem like a tiny deal to an outsider but I know how many times its led the poor husband to go around neighbor’s houses with empty bottles to fill up!


Every time married couples end up having an argument, the conflict and discomfort becomes quite evident as either of the parties spend enormous amount of energies fuming over something that angered while failing to see the other’s point of view. And that’s how it mostly goes down, and we continue to weave layers of anger over the pre-existing emotions which leads to hours and sometimes days of miscommunication. Icey glares are exchanged and backs are turned when they come sit around you. Maybe what the wife sees as ignorance is your husband’s over-exhaustion at work and maybe what the husbands misinterpret as arrogance and avoidance is actually a headache that bothers her every day at night?  Sometimes, we get so wound up in our anger and lack of judgements, that we end up believing whatever comes our way and that hinders us from approaching our partners to discuss the issue as well leading to further miscommunication in the relationship.




Needless to say SIT Co-founder and creator Mohit Hussein, along with Co-founder and actor, Chhavi Mittal, have made sure that they’ve gathered all the intel available on how arguments go down between couples and packed them up in multiple episodes for their viewers to enjoy (and maybe learn!), and in almost all of the episodes RISHI and ROHINI or ABHIMANYU and MEERA end up sorting out their differences through a simple conversation or an act of love that shows the other how much they care for them. All of this, while making sure that they don’t let their ego and anger get the better of them.

So when ABHIMANYU (Pracheen Chauhan) and MEERA (Pooja Gor) get into a major showdown, what do you think happens when the ghosts of misunderstandings past, comes to haunt ABHIMANYU? SIT presents another episode of Pyaar Ka Punch, so watch this week’s funny video to find out how it all plays out!

SIT presents Pyaar Ka Punch S1E32 The Revelation!



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