NO SORRY, NO THANK YOU! | Bin Bulaye Mehmaan | S5E3

Formality between friends is a big No-No. Friends believe that "sorry "and "thank you" are nothing, just silly formalities with no space in friendships. Meera and Rohini also believe in the same as they share such a great bond. But what made them go from No Sorry, No Thank You to I am right, and You are wrong? While Meera and Rohini are struggling with their own issues, their respective housemaids, Baby and Vandana have also started a personal battle. Wondering, what will be the outcome? Watch this new episode of the popular comedy web series Bin Bulaye Mehmaan Season 5, streaming now on the Shitty Ideas Trending official YouTube channel. Stay Tuned!

Bin Bulaye Mehmaan | Web Series | Season 5