What a mother does for her children is unparalleled. But there are also some idiosyncrasies that a mother has which are characteristic to one and all mothers. The love of course, the caring, but also the nagging and the overwhelming concern that makes her feel like no matter how old the children become they will never be wise enough for her standards!. Motherhood is a heart touching of a relationship between a daughter and her mother. In this Hindi comedy video we have shown a mother and daughter’s relationship story where mother is concerned about Rohini’s diet. Rohini wishes to be alone and doesn’t want her mother to bother. But some incidents make her realise how important she is to her. Watch how Rohini’s mother ( Deepika Amin ) drives Rohini up the wall in this comedy video 'Maa, Maa Hoti Hai’ streaming only on Shitty Ideas Trending YouTube channel.