SIT | Bin Bulaye Mehmaan | Web Series | S2 E4

So far you saw that Keerti’s discomfort due to Soumesh bhaiyya’s visit is increasing slowly but surely. Shivendu decides that while he is not being able to cut short his big brother’s stay, he can at least give Keerti some private moments in her own house for a bit! He promises her that he will take bhaiyya out and she can come over in their absence and feel “at home”. But things take an unexpected turn when Shivendu has to go for an unavoidable meeting and bhaiyya comes back home only to catch Keerti red-handed, in the act of entering the house, which he suspects is breaking & entering! All hell breaks loose for Shivendu as well as Keerti! What is she going to do now? How will Shivendu manage her wrath? What else is in store for them? Watch Bin Bulaye Mehmaan S2E4 to answer all of these questions!