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RIGHT vs WRONG                     

The decision to have a child is the most critical for an urban couple. Right from the timing to the planning, everything is crucial. All of us who belong to the DINK group (double income no kids) have a certain path pre-decided for our lives. Mohit and I myself took our fair share of time to decide if we were ready for this big step. THE RIGHT TIME is a story of one such urban couple who find themselves standing face to face with an accidental pregnancy. Such intricacies in the story needed equally powerful performances and we wouldn't have found a better Shreya in Manasi Parekh or a better Kabir in Namit Das. 

If you are a nuclear couple struggling in their daily lives with work and a child, or are contemplating taking on the beautiful burden of a new and innocent life on your shoulders, or even if you know of somebody who has had a life altering experience after a baby, then this short film is a must watch and a must share for you.

We have been wanting to make this film since Children's Day last year (2016) and when MAMAEARTH came along wanting to collaborate, we knew it was "The Right Time" to put this thought on paper & to your screens, since Varun & Ghazal (Founders, Mamaearth ) are one such couple who gave up their careers to start this beautiful brand for mothers-to-be and the babies-to-come, putting their extensive research about natural products that their little one needed once he set foot in this world, to good use. Naturally, only parents with that kind of fervour and relentless love for life had the sensibilities to associate with this film. Thank you Varun & Ghazal for making THE RIGHT TIME possible and a dream come true!

Leave us a comment to tell us what you think after you watch this beautiful short film, by my husband & Co-Founder SIT (in that order), Mohit Hussein.


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