"What is the message written under the mother0daughter image on the box of i-know"

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Video Published on 19 Jan 2019.

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Winners For SIT | TBH | I’M PREGNANT

Rajkumari Sharma, Zainab Bharmal

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Previous Winners

  1. Neha Sharma

    First step to motherhood

  2. Manoj


  3. Saurabh kumar

    First step to motherhood

  4. shreya shah


  5. Shanvika yadav

    Answer is ‘First step to motherhood’

  6. Pallabi Sen

    Answer to the contest is First Step to Motherhood.

  7. Shruthi Soman

    First step to motherhood

  8. Satyendra Tiwari

    First step to motherhood

  9. Tanishka Kangralkar

    First Step to Motherhood

  10. Deepthi Vijay Nair


  11. Apoorva Chaturvedi

    The answer is 'First step to motherhood'

  12. Kriti Madrecha

    first step to motherhood

  13. Naman garg

    First step to motherhood

  14. Abinash Pradhani

    First step to motherhood

  15. Tripti sharma

    First step to motherhood

  16. Prabha Gangwal

    First step to motherhood

  17. Shatakshi varshney

    First time to motherhood .

  18. Mamata Pehlwani

    "First Step to Motherhood"

  19. Dipa malla

    First Stap to Motherhood

  20. muhammad ahmed

    first step to motherhood

  21. Anjali

    First Step to Motherhood

  22. arpita choudhary

    First step to Mother below image and at the bottom of the box its Piramal Helthcare

  23. Anu Khurana

    Piramal healthcare

  24. Fouziya

    First step to motherhood

  25. Anindita

    First stape to motherhood

  26. Saba

    First step to motherhood. Hope to win

  27. Ravi Chauhan

    The massage written on the box is"first step to motherhood" By Piramal. Hope to win

  28. Dipanyuta Behera

    First Step to Motherhood 👌Piramal Healthcare

  29. SAM

    Answer is : "First Step to Motherhood" , I love u guys , & watch all videos instantly once uploaded & wait for further new ones as well. All u guys are really superb. Rise & Shine. Keep rocking & entertaining us! Thank you.

  30. Nikita Beriwal

    "First step to motherhood" by Piramal is written.....

  31. Ruchi shah

    The massage written on the box is"first step to motherhood"

  32. Pooja Bhagat

    The Message written on the box is " First step towards Motherhood ".

  33. soumyashree

    First Step to Motherhood