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The birth of Abhimanyu & Meera

I like to believe (I think I'm right), that Mohit Hussein (my husband), is the world's best husband because he has an Abhimanyu hidden away in him somewhere. I notice at times how he practices self control and miraculously says the right thing at the right time! But jokes apart, PYAR KA PUNCH happened just one day when after doing MEN… THE REAL VICTIMS for a decent amount of time, we decided to explore a hypothetical world, where the husband actually wins an argument with his wife! Hypothetical, as we thought it was when we started, slowly became believable! And thus was born PYAR KA PUNCH. It is kinda blissful to actually think of solutions to such problems that every married couple goes through. 

The search for Abhimanyu began and we instinctively knew that Pracheen Chauhan would fit perfectly. He had that look about him. Good looking, take-a-girl-for-a-ride-yet-be-a-gentleman kinda look. Working with both Pooja Gor Pracheen Chauhan is nothing short of pure delight! Over the years, Abhimanyu has literally become a relationship guru and our audience waits each time he comes back on SIT just to see how exactly he deals with a particular problem that is so synonymous with their own married life! But few know that Pracheen is nothing close to Abhimanyu, and hilariously so! Apart from being a lot of fun, he is also meticulous, dedicated, really honest, as well as hard-working. His sessions with Mohit Hussein, (also the Founder/Creator) are material enough for a full fledged fresh series. But the funniest thing about Pracheen is that he needs to get into the skin of Abhimanyu all over again each time we shoot! On the flip side, that is also something that keeps the freshness in Abhimanyu alive.

Meanwhile Pooja Gor is somebody who was born with talent shoved into every drop of her blood. Her expressions, her body language, her understanding of the scene, all comes with such ease! She loves eating, she loves instagramming, she loves showing off her new make-up products, and while she's at it, she loves to put the microphone off again and again! We end up doing so many re-takes thanks to that habit! Pooja Gor, or as we fondly call her, "The Mic Offer" is a bundle of energy on sets and the best stress buster among the chaos.

So what's Abhimanyu doing this time? Well, he finally finds a way out of the conflict arising due to not doing the household chores right! How cool is that! Unbelievable right? Watch THE PENALTY to know what it is! 


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  1. Like to know the birth of Abhimannu and Meera.And the team has done perfect casting for the role.Pracheen and Pooja are really nice actors with perfect on screen chemestry. Keep it up the good work guys.Congratulations to the entire team of SIT. All the best for future episodes.

  1. The series 'PKP' is hilarious and is a suggestive take on marriages in a positive way. It braves the untouched thought corner where it is believed it is difficult to make your wife happy. Abhimanyu's cheek and quick wittedness saves his day and his marriage a lot of times. This piece by SIT is great and attracts appreciation (bit of which is eyebrow-raising given that it's a hypothetical situation). Kudos to the entire team!

  1. Such a lovely description about each of them. ABHI๐Ÿ’• & MEERA๐Ÿ’• Seriously they might be doing a lot of hard work to show us such wonderful videos. Hats off to the whole team of SIT. Thank you ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘Œ