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SIT’s Meet & Greet 2018

A HOT SUMMER evening in a posh mall of the posh city of Mumbai. The soaring temperatures and the desperate need for respite. Inspite of the heat and inspite of the IPL finals going on, the ones who truly love SIT and make us who we are, showed up for the SIT Meet & Greet 2018 at The Big Binge Summer Fest that happened at the Infinini Mall , Malad on the 27th of May. Might I add that this was truly an overwhelming moment for us at Shitty Ideas Trending! There were fans from the corners of Mumbai and some even came from other cities!

As we entered the premises, we started meeting and putting faces to the plethora of comments we get on our socials. We walked through the crowd, getting loved while getting clicked, and made our way to the stage wearing (and proudly so) the SIT T-shirts, Gold on Black, standing out and attracting some eyeballs and a lot of whispers. In just a little more time, Mohit Hussein found himself on stage directly addressing the people slowly but surely gathering around the stage.

He made way for Shubhnagi Litoria and myself, and we enacted one of our most viral videos LIVE on stage! MAID IN HEAVEN. The butterflies in my stomach started settling down peacefully while I saw more and more people collecting, leaving the colorful shopping and the iced-coolers behind. They stood, watched, laughed and interacted with us. One by one we got all the actors on stage who were all greeted with warm applause. There were questions asked and free T-shirts being given out to the greatest fans of SIT.

Guys, I can't thank you enough for being there and making this day so special and memorable for us. We are charged up with fresh energy to create even better content for you and continue to entertain you because there is no better reward than the love and the appreciation we receive from you! So please do continue to shower us with your affection while we continue the tradition of bringing out entertaining videos.

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Published by Chhavi Mittal (Co-Founder)