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5 most common SUPERSTITIONS and their HACKS!!

Superstitions are part of every culture and are an integral part of the Indian culture! Have you heard of any superstitions that are just too hard to believe? While it's a matter of life and death for the one who is a believer, it can get a reaction ranging from a bout of laughter to downright irritation from the one who is at the receiving end. Although superstitions are a dime a dozen, I try to list a few hat I have grown up hearing again and again! Tell me in the comments if so have you!

1. SNEEZING BEFORE STEPPING OUT: If someone (or you) sneezes just before you are stepping out then chances are the work that you are going for will not happen. You will return after the futile trip so it's wisest to wait a few minutes (or even more hilarious, sneeze again!) before you leave!

2. BLACK CAT CROSSING YOUR PATH: This one's actually never happened with me personally, but if it has happened with you, you know that this is something to avoid like the plague. Because if a cat, correction, black cat crosses your path, you might even get hit by a bus! Is that a chance you would want to take? So it's best to walk 10 steps backwards and then continue your journey!

3. WASHING HAIR ON THURSDAYS: Beware of this one! We were never allowed to wash hair on Thursdays (maybe Tuesdays as well). I have no idea why, till date, but I feared all my hair will fall if I did, hence I just avoided it! And guys, there is really no hack to this, so if you did wash your hair accidentallly, then boy! Just pray!

4. DON'T TALK ABOUT THE IMPENDING GOOD NEWS: Well if you talk about something good that's going to happen, then it will not. So talk about it only after it's happened and NEVER before! And to be honest, I truly believe in this one myself! Whether it's because it's just not right to boast when you still don't have anything to boast about, or just because I'm superstitious is not something I like to think about!

5. THE EVIL EYE: This one's my favourite! Never over-succeed, never look too nice, heck never even show your face to anyone "kyunki nazar lag jayegi!" But THANK GOD there are many many hacks for this one. The simplest being, wear a black thread around your ankle (now don't ask me is it the left or the right one) or just wear a black thread around your neck! (since you have just one of those)

While these are a few superstitions that I listed, if you want to know some really novel ones, you must watch the new video just launched on SIT!

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