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SHOP till you DROP

Shopping is one of our most essential needs. No matter where we are, be it at home or on vacation, it isn’t possible to feel the same joy that we feel while picking up a new dress (even if we have 3 like it already lying). The ultimate stress buster has been to head out to the mall while our husbands panic about the impending credit card bills. It is quite hard to miss the distaste on their faces while they stand outside trial rooms watching us change into 10-20 dresses (which may all look the same to them) with nods of approval and a hidden fear of an empty bank account.



You know there is a saying that men go to the mall to buy something they know they want while women go to the mall to find out what they want, and that is where the trouble really starts, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t change the fact that we still confidently walk back into our house after a hard day’s work of scavenging the malls, even though we may have to spend hours in making space in our already overflowing cupboards. While people around the world are out there getting addicted to various substances, we feel pretty satisfied with being addicted with our need to shop.

But what our husbands fail to understand is that we don’t just enjoy shopping for ourselves, but we enjoy the act in general. We are sitting ready to be their personal shoppers even before they ask us for it. So yeah maybe we bore deep holes in their pockets, but while we are lusting over that gorgeous necklace we also have an eye on that shirt we know would look amazing on them.


While earlier there was certain amount of restraint because we can’t be at the mall 24/7, now we have stores at the palm of our hands with the amount of online stores that have boomed up. I genuinely think I swipe through online sale catalogues more than I might through all the important pending emails. And it wouldn’t be so hard if all of it was just too expensive to purchase, but the immense amount of deals that keep popping up are just too hard to resist. There might be days where I set aside my phone at 4 in the morning  after realizing that maybe I don’t need more clothes, but right then my notification buzzer would blink with a “50% percent sale, grab the items in your bag while it lasts”.


So watch out for this week’s episode ofSITThe Better Half- Biwi ka Missing Parcel” in association withJabong, as Rohini (Chhavi Mittal) faces the worst nightmare a passionate shopper can face and how Rishi (Karan V Grover) plays a role in teaching her a lesson only to learn one himself! Please LIKE and SHARE the video if you too relate to the joys provided by bumper sales and shopping!

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